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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
AURORAAnimation Unleashes Rooster Ovation Reveille Arrives Rico Leffanta
CERESCultivating Earth Reaps Elongated Seasons Rico Leffanta
DIANDrives Inhabitants Around Nature Rico Leffanta
EPONAEquestrians Plopped On Nags Abnegate Rico Leffanta
FAUNAFields Are Usually Nourishing Agriculture Rico Leffanta
FLORAFlowers Love Outdoor Rural Arrangements Rico Leffanta
IRISIn Rainbows Is Speed Rico Leffanta
JUNOJuxtaposition Unlikely Nearly Omnipotent Rico Leffanta
LUNALunatics Understand Nighttime Activities Rico Leffanta
MORTAMors Offers Return Trip Assistance Rico Leffanta
NONANo One Needs Advocates Rico Leffanta
NOXNever Operates Xerography Rico Leffanta
OPSObstacles Produce Strength Rico Leffanta
SALUSSave A Little Until Spring Rico Leffanta
SPESShould Probability Expire, Suppose! Rico Leffanta
VENUS (2)Virgin Encompassing Neanderthal Under Stress Rico Leffanta
VESTAVulcan Espouses Sparks To Ardent Rico Leffanta
VULCANVesuvius's Unpredictabilty = Life's Chancy Around Naples Tony McCoy O'Grady - Vulcan was the Roman God of Fire and lived beneath a volcano, several ore mentioned as being home to him.