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ABOUT THE STACKAcronyms Brought Out Unusual Talent, This HyperCard Engine Stored Them Alongside Cumulated Knowledge. Angela Brett, who thought she ought to acronymise the title of the page at since it's in capitals.
ACRONYMISING TIPSAcronym Creators - Read Our Notes. Your Mentor Is Superlative, Inspiring Nym-Generator... Tony Imparts Precious Suggestions Angela Brett, referring to the Acronymising Tips page at
ACRONYMIST ALL OF FAMEAdvice: Click Rodent On Names, You May Instantly See Their Acronyms' Links Listed. On Further For Any Mentioned Expansion. Angela Brett, referring to the list of all acronym contributors (called the 'Acronymist All of Fame') at
ACRONYMIST HONOURS LISTAwards Concerning Record Ordering, Numbers, Years (Millennium's Initial 'Spansion's There) Here Our Niche Of Unparalleled 'Riters Shines - Literature Is Superlatively Terrific! Angela Brett, referring to the Acronymist Honours List at
ACRONYM SEARCH FORMA Casual Reader Of Netborne Yarns Might Seek Expansions About Relatives... Creativity's Habit-Forming, One Reads More. Angela Brett, who thought she outhg to acronymise the title of the acronym search page at since it's in capitals.
ACRONYM SEARCH RESULTAfter Conveying Request Over Network, You Might See Expansions And Related Categories. However, Really Eccentric Searches Usually Lack Them. Angela Brett, when the acronym search result for 'acronym search result' was lacking.
ACRONYMS SO FARA Count Revealing Our Novel Yield... Measurement Shows Signs Our Futile Activity's Rampant! Angela Brett, who thought she ought to acronymise the heading at since it was in capitals.
ACRONYM TOURSAre Considered Really Obsolete... Now You'll Migrate To Our (Updated Regularly) Subcategories Angela Brett, because the Acronym Tours at haven't been updated for ages, because the CATEGORY LISTINGs at are a better way of finding list of acronyms on particular topics. They're update
ALLITERATIONSAnother Like Letter Indulges The Ear - Repeat Again To Induce Outrageously Nonsensical Sound. Angela Brett (see the Alliterations page at
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APRONYMS SO FARAnother Player Requests Our Newest Yields; May Send Something Oddly Funny And Related Sean Lamb
CATEGORY LISTINGChoose A Topic - Each Gets One Record. You'll Love It... See Tachygraphy In Natural Groupings. Angela Brett, who thought she ought to acronymise the headings of the category listing pages ( since they're in capitals.
CATEGORY NAMES Classification Attempts To Enable 'Grouping' Of Resources. You Need Allow & Maintain Easy Searching TMcCO'G
HALL OF FAME (2)Here's A Long List Outlining Fully Famous Acronym Makers Everywhere Tony McCoy O'Grady
HALL OF FAME (3)Here Anthony Looks Like One Fine Fellow... Added Most Expansions. Angela Brett
LINKSLast Inventive 'Nym? Keep Surfing! Angela Brett, because if you ever manage to read all the acronyms at, you can still go to the Links page at and view some related websites.
RECENT ACRONYMReflects Everyone Constantly Expanding New Terms, All Carefully Recorded Online. 'Ncludes Yours, Maybe! Angela Brett, who thought she'd better acronymise the headings of the tour of recently added acronyms at since they're in capitals.
SEARCH HELPStrongly Endorsed... A Reading Can (Hopefully) Help Explain Location Parameters. Angela Brett, referring to the Search Help page at
SUBMISSION GUIDELINESSend Uncommon (But Meaningfully Initialled) 'Spansions. Show It's Original - Nothing Gathered Using Internet Databases. Explicit Lewdness Is Not Encouraged - Subdue! Angela Brett, summarising to the Submission Guidelines page at
WHAT IS AN APRONYM?We Here At This Internet Site Added New Acronym Partition, Reinforcing Our Normal Yardstick -- Meaning! Angela Brett, doing the title of the page at