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These apronyms were created in response to this request on the Apronyms Forums (see I work in accounting and we are trying to launch a departmental employee recongnition program. We wanted to create a reward with an acronym. We created some "guilding principles" for the award and I can't seem to make them into anything that it is fun. The seven guilding principles are: integrity, entrepreneurship & value creation, customer focus, knowledge, change, accountability, and respect. Can you think of how to make this make sense and fun. I would really appreciate any suggestions.

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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
AVARICEA Valued Attitude Raises Industrious Colleague's Esteem Tony (The best angle to work on with employee incentive schemes is good old-fashioned greed, you could go for a bit of tongue-in-cheek irony)
CAKE (2)Change, Accountability, Knowledge & Entrepreneurship Tony
CAVIARECustomer Awareness Valued - Integrity, Accountabilty & Respect Esteemed Tony
RECOGNITION (2)Rewarding Esteemed Colleague On Goals Noted - Individual's Talent Is Officially Noted Tony
SILVER MEDALSeven Important Life/Leadership Values, Expressed Reliably, Means Employee Deserves A Laurelling Angela Brett